stay pissed kid

hey lol remember me

I haven’t been on in ages

well for anyone who cares I created a new blog


merry christmas =]

and sooo merry christmas and a happy new year i hope it’s a good one without any feeears

happy christmas everyone xoxoxo

Your post about deactivation because of wasting your youth really hit me hard.

sorry man but that’s how I feel yano I hope I didn’t upset you

rockyhorrorpictureshowpics said: WOAH, WOAH, WOAH EXCUSE ME, LOVE?

I guess I just feel so disconnected from this blog and everyone. maybe ill start a new one or just sty away for a while or longer..ldk

i think i am going to deactivate soon

ive said this before but i really think i will this time

I don’t want to wake up one day and be old and all i can look back on as a young person was me in my room blogging. ive had good and bad times on this site but i feel so disconnected from it now. I want to focus on myself and music and peace and life.

i know that my computer cant help that its a slow gay piece of crap but i really dont appreciate it/

no but

brigitte bardot

is so


my hands smell like fish tacos


Paul is so drunk


Paul is so drunk

straight guys: boobs are great
gay guys: boobs are great
straight girls: boobs are great
gay girls: boobs are great